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Cinque Terre DOC wine

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Cinque Terre is a small DOC white wine region in Liguria, North Italy.

The DOC was granted in 1973 and production is limited to the coastal areas of the Cinque Terre in the Province of La Spezia, and specifically to the territories of the communes of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza (which includes the village of Corniglia, whose wine has been known since Roman times) and Monterosso al Mare, together with two adjacent areas within the commune of La Spezia: Tramonti di Biassa and Tramonti di Campiglia.
The wine is produced from a must containing at least 40% of the Boscogrape, but may also contain up to 40% of Albarola and/or Vermentino and up to 20% of other white-berried grapes approved and/or recommended for the Province of La Spezia.
The wines tend to be dry, with straw yellow color, and a delicate aroma.
Typically, it is best drunk with the local cuisine, and especially with seafood — until the arrival of the railway in 1874, the five villages of the Cinque Terre were little fishing hamlets, accessible only by sea.

The harvest and the wine production
The terraced vineyards located along the coastline offer a raisin wine.
The name of Sciacchetrà wine comes from the dialect of Liguria, and means: (sciac) = to press the grape and (tra) = removing bad grape during the fermentation.
It is produced thanks drying the harvested grapes on the farmstead roofs, exposed to the sun.
The wine producers use the “cremagliera train”, a motorized monorail system to carry the grapes from the terraced vineyards on the steep mountains down to the roadway, for transport to the winery.
In the past was really different and more strenuous: the grape growers were used to anchor their fishing boats below the vineyards. Then, with the basket on their shoulders full of grape, downhill to their boat and sailing to other villages to work the grape for the wine.

Sciacchetrà DOC wine
Sciacchetrà DOC is also produced in the same Cinque Terre area and is a 'vino passito' or Straw wine of the Cinque Terre DOC wine, and is typically drunk with cheese or desserts.
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